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About Salvador Electric
I’m Jason Cormack, an electrical contractor and the sole owner and employee of this business. I offer several electrical services to residential, commercial, and rural customers. These services range from standard service calls to new construction and renovation solutions. I also handle energy-efficient upgrades and solar power installations.

I operate my small business out of my home in Bergen Alberta and cater to the needs of clients across Sundre, Mountain View County, and the surrounding areas. I am available to my clients throughout the week. However, I’ve specially allotted Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for immediate services calls from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm. The rest of the days are for customers who’ve already set up appointments and require me to handle larger projects.

Maintaining this workflow system allows me to cope efficiently with the projects coming in, especially during the peak season. Usually, summertime is a very busy period for us electricians as many homeowners like to engage in renovations and remodeling when it is warm and dry. I receive projects during other seasons as well, but the summertime rush is more demanding.

I established my business in 2015, offering everyday electrical services. But in 2016, I underwent training for solar power sizing and installation. After completing my training, I obtained certification to provide solar system installations and servicing. Today, my company is doing a relaunch after taking about a year off to focus on some personal goals. I’m happy to get back to work, and I’m ready to take on a variety of projects, both big and small.

The Salvador Electric Difference
My most significant advantage in this business is being a diversified electrician. The level of knowledge and skills I possess enables me to help out or accomplish a variety of jobs for customers. I have been in the trade for twenty-three years now, and I’ve worked for small and large companies in Vancouver and Calgary. The jobs I performed for them have given me extensive experience in residential, multi-family, commercial (warehouses, universities, high rise towers, etc.), HVAC control, industrial control, and many other types of jobs.

Moreover, as a Master Electrician and certified solar power installer, I am capable of serving a broad range of clients. These certifications set me apart from handymen and enable me to do my job with ease and as per safety standards and regulations set by the Province.

Another aspect of my business that sets me apart from the others is that I offer competitive rates, friendly services, and timely results to my clients. I really enjoy making my clients happy, as it often leads to repeat customers and new referrals.

Right now, my average customer is usually someone who is looking to get a small project done relatively quickly and on a tight budget. This means anything from a hot tub hook up to adding a circuit for their garage. Some of the bigger jobs I undertake are new home services.

In the future, I aim to run my business full-time and not rely on other employment. I also look forward to maybe onboarding more employees if I grow large enough. Another one of my long term goals is to use alternative energies to power and operate homes and offices. It’s about time that we all started being conscious of our environment, and I’m happy to take a step forward in this direction.

To learn more about all that I do at Salvador Electricplease click here. If you have any questions about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here

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